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About Me

Courtney Rohan is a teacher to her core. Teaching is what she does to remind people that they are not their circumstance, body, or even their thoughts. They are more, and they are capable of change if they desire.  Courtney knows that if we can shift our perspectives, we can change ourselves and our world for the better, which is why she loves teaching yoga. Through the practice and with consistency, shifts can happen physically, mentally, and spiritually. 


For 16 years, Courtney has been teaching professionally: middle school and high school English, and then and simultaneously,  yoga, to students of all ages, in schools, in studios, homes, and corporations. While living up and down the east coast, from New Hampshire to South Carolina, and now on the west coast, in California, she  practices and offers her services. She will continue creating and facilitating communities of more conscious beings wherever she should go next. 

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