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About Courtney 

More than a teacher, Courtney Rohan is a student of life, and her drive to seek Spirit and use what she knows offers a shift in perspective. Through a look at our individual and collective practices and relationships, we remember our power to heal and grow. We remember how to thrive. 


Those who are ready to open to their dream vision using Courtney Rohan Yoga services will experience dream investigation, movement rituals, meditation, and space for creative expression. She brings fun back to the spiritual awakening process through her Yoga Wellness Plans, online Dream Awakening course, Word Pic paintings, workshops and coaching. 


Each session with Courtney offers a medicine bag of tools for the spiritual seeker. Her education and experience stem from years of energy flow trainings, her degrees in Education (M.Ed), English and psychology (B.A.), as well as her 16 years of teaching and her cancer to wellness journey. Through prayer, anointing, yoga, massage, painting, ancestral and indigenous channellings and coaching practices, she mets the practitioner online, at home, in small groups and in community. And with a consistent right practice, shifts happen in the body-mind, and a spiritual  renewal occurs.  Through our uplifted voice, vision and awareness, our inner and outer worlds prosper.


She currently lives with her son in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she is watching sweet visions manifest.

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