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Joining The Dream Sessions means...


Your dreams matter! 

Learn how to feel them again, clarify their meaning and manifest those that you are wanting. What you feel about your dreams will bring them to you, or not. 

It is OK not to know everything you want in life. Or to understand all of your waking and sleeping dreams. Who does? That is the mystery of living. We get to discover. What do you know about your dream? Let's start there. 

I struggled with my dreams for years, my waking and sleeping dreams. They would often haunt me, leave me feeling attacked. I would see and hear things that I couldn’t understand. It shook me, made me afraid to dream because they felt so out of my control. There was a time when I remember telling myself that I would not dream. And over time they went black; they died. I had successfully, for the most part, shut out that which I could remember of my dreams. This did not help me. Repression doesn’t help. Denial does not help. But when we are attacked, we have several options, kill or be killed to name two. I decided to kill my dreams, since that was what I felt I had control over.


The Dream Sessions will show you how to: 

Clear Space 

When we wrap ourselves in the cave to create,  we open our minds and hearts again to our desires. We remember what we used to love and begin to do more of that more of the time. 


Use your dreams, day dreams, meditations, prayers, breath, purpose coaching with Courtney,  and dream scenarios to step into gratitude and see more clearly the picture for your future. 

Open to More

Color in the picture with detail and ease, apply the pressure to the right things and accept how your dreams manifest as the Creator wills, more and abundantly so. 

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A Work of Love

Give your dreams 5 Days of your attention and see how far you can go!

It is a work of love to make what one desires in their life tangible, to give it life, even in the shadow. It is especially loving in the shadow,  because we believe our past disqualifies us, that we can not live anew now.


The Dream Sessions is a way to write your own story now and not let what has been or could have been stop you. Work a method to create momentum around the dreams that you want to make reality. Use the tools and see what happens. The commitment to practice the right things is still and will always be an important key to having the things we desire for our lives.

The Dream Sessions

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Take 20 minutes for the next 5 days to FEEL yourself in the direction of your dreams. Use tools such as prayer, visualization, meditation, REM dreams, journal prompts and purpose coaching with Courtney to access and actualize your dreams.




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Dream Sessions Membership

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Grow Your Vision

Use the Dream Sessions Tools to make your dreams a reality the way you always knew you could. 

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