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Check out some of the ways Courtney Rohan Yoga can support your body-mind and spirit needs. Choose your experience below.  Let me know if you have questions and when you are ready to get started. 


Enhance Your Life with
Courtney Rohan Yoga

Lift Your Crown.           Radiate Your Light.          The World Needs You. 

Face Massage

Energy Clearing
Healing Touch 

Passive Stretching, Energy Attunement, Chakra Clearing, Light Work and Intuitive Guidance 

There is much to say about this wonderful 1 1/2- 2 hours of energy work. But because this practice is guided by the practitioner's special needs, it must be experienced to truly know its power.  Though gentle, the energy work is deeply felt. Using light tough this practice provides the body-mind and spirit a time of ease, a time to lift the burdens of our experiences that often get trapped in our subtle to dense bodies. Together we will open to a deeper level of spiritual awareness to move what is unneeded out and follow Spirit's lead to bring in what will be best now so that clearing and healing may be felt and next steps may be heard. 

Vinyasa Yoga 

 Yoga Flow for all ages and levels

Vinyasa yoga is a style of yoga by which you move from pose to pose with attention to the breath, allowing the practitioner to move with purpose.  When we align the body and breath into it with intention we move with purpose, setting ourselves with the right energy to move towards that which we desire. To move with intention on the mat is to practice moving with purpose throughout your daily life.

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Yoga at Home

Kundalini  Yoga 

Move the Life Force 

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient tantric yoga practice informed by yoga sets and meditations, called kriyas. These sets are comprised of many things in a specific sequence and time. In a kriya, you will find a focus on the breath, a specific movement or posture to sustain, an eye gaze and sometimes a phrase or mantra to repeat.  This prescription is done with a specific result in mind. When these practices were offered first in the United States by Yogi Bhajan, they were written down. Now we use these scripts to guide the practice. This allows the practitioner to work through psychic and muscular blocks and open to the more subtle energies of the body-mind and spirit. 


Rest the Mind and Release the Body

Meditation can be many things, and it can look many ways. Together we will explore the breath in silence, activate sound or movement, even, depending on your desire/need. Meditation with me will allow you to find your inner guide, that still small voice that is often camouflaged by the noise of this time and within our environments. Give yourself  a chance to break free. Book a meditation sessions to listen more deeply and find your inner calm and the peace that is available to you now. 

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Breath Work 

Move the Prana with the Breath

How we breathe is a direct reflection of how we live. Knowing how to use your breath for the right occasions can support you in all ways. When you are struggling to focus or needing more calm, for example, there are breath practices one can do to elicit the state of being desired. It doesn't take long to feel the benefits of the breath and its impact on the body-mind, but it does take a method. You have all you need for this. I will show you. 

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Field of Flowers


Charlotte, North Carolina 


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