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My mostly raw lifestyle 

Want to learn more about how I am taking my health into my own hands and how you can too? 

After years of conventional drugs and doctor's protocols, I have decided to make my medicine in my kitchen and create my own protocol with the help of the health and wellness community and tips I have been experimenting with for year.


I am tired of working against the current; aren't you? 


About Courtney

Courtney Rohan is a 200 hour certified yoga teacher in the Yoga of Energy Flow and has been teaching yoga and public school English for over 16 years.


She has a bachelor’s degree in English and psychology, and a master’s in education. She offers yoga, meditation, and coaching sessions, online and privately. 

Ready to use dream tools and rituals to create momentum around those things you desire? Ready to pray over and be in community to support your dreams? Your waking and sleeping dreams are yours for a reason. Let's put them to work. Let me show you how.