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A Yoga Plan and a Beginner's Mind

What does it mean when all of your statements begin with: Years ago? I find myself saying that a lot. (:

Well, here I go again...

Years ago, when I lived in South Carolina, so about 13 years ago, I had a dream that came to me. It was called a Yoga Plan. I created a small poster or hand-drawn cards of yoga poses for new yoga practitioners, or those looking to take their practice somewhere new. I would use the poster/cards to present a visual as well as specific instructions we'd spoken about. And after we'd practiced together several times, I would put together the sequence that would work for them, or at the very least get them started, till they were ready to meet to build again.

That was a lot of work. I'm happy that things grow and can improve cause that Yoga Plan could have driven me crazy. And though I like to consider myself an artist, it's not for drawing that I win the prize.

I have continued to create Yoga Plans for some beautiful people over the years. People wanting to train for marathons, recover from trauma, or learn to meditate. I created these plans for family and friends, when they'd asked, and even when they didn't, in my head thinking about what poses might be good idea for this or that, or what breath or meditation to suggest. Having gathered some of the practice over the years, the sequences come out of me.

I remember when I first starting finding interest in yoga and would roll out my mat and have no idea what to do. I'd do a Down Dog and end with stretches I'd done in track and field and cheerleading in high school. Can you relate? I'd tell myself: breathe deeper, but that would teeter out soon enough. Ten minutes later, I'd be laying on my back resting in shavasana.

This is not bad. This is where we start.

It is beautiful to be a beginner, but it doesn't always feel good. Sometimes, we just wish we could know more.

This year when my website became more user friendly, I started thinking about offering Yoga Plans again. I had ideas, but nothing was certain. I knew that all I used to do would not work now. And I also knew that some things would have to stay, maybe even increase. Developing any product is like that, babies, cars, everything. What can you see now? How can you support the product now?

One business coach I consult with, Jeannie Sullivan, has helped me over the years to see that starting now, I can work with what I have. That is what makes a business grow. You start where you are. Babies don't have to be perfect when learning to walk. Do they?

Thank you, Jeannie, that has been a lasting and important lesson for me around persistence.

Your Yoga Plan is now multiple sessions to build and learn your daily yoga sequence. Five sessions is the most I've ever offered in one plan, but I am offering that now because I want to stay to see your results, to troubleshoot, and create something lasting for you, if you don't mind.

I've also created space for us on the Fit by WIX app. From your phone you can access Courtney Rohan Yoga videos, pictures, articles and encouragement to support you in building your yoga practice. You can leave comments, pictures, or video responses for me too, so I can support you further.

When you know how to support the body, mind and spirit, there is a difference in your experience. We don't always know what we were missing until we feel improved. That's also a part of the beginner's mind. We don't know, so we seek. Self study with someone else's support is a beautiful practice in self love.

I like to think of this experience as a self-love collaboration: me paying attention to you paying attention to me (as/if that helps you to learn better). Us guiding each other as you teach me about you and as I teach you what might work to make you feel more you, us doing, and We, working together to customize your Yoga Plan.

Book a call with me to chat about what your Yoga Plan can become.

No matter how many years ago, always with a beginner's mind,


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