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Align at the Heart

Today is the first day of Align at the Heart. If you are joining me for the journey, I am excited that you are here. If you are still on the fence about it, I know that you will do what is best for your heart. That is what this is all about, you know?

There are a lot of things that we can do to nurture the truth at our hearts. One thing that I think to be most important is to listen to it. If we think we should be or shouldn't be doing something, it is best to listen to that, and to question why that is so.

Why question the heart?

Sometimes our heart can express fear, just like it can express joy. Nurturing our fear is not beneficial. Feel it, but don't nurture. Whatever we give our attention to will grow. So we question our heart to decide what we will continue to focus on, what we will take part in, and how we should proceed.

If we live in fear, we will say no to things that we might have otherwise benefitted from. But love is greater than fear, ALWAYS. And what's more, we can tap into that more often if we learn to listen to what our heart is saying. Through the heart, we tune in, heal, clear, stabilize, and cultivate compassion and joy through this Align at the Heart series.

What is your heart saying today?

This Align at the Heart practice is one that aids not only the doer, but also those whom we bless as a result of our openness to what is good and true in each moment as we align.

You are here for a unique purpose. How do you purpose to do the work before you? What will you align with to make it so? Join me to practice. Take time to listen to your heart and see what emerges.

Enrollment closes and classes begin, February 28th. If you are ready to hop in, click the link below and get started today with an Align at the Heart class video and resources for the week ahead.

Whatever you should decide, when you are aligned at your heart with loving purpose, it will be the right thing to do for you. Listen well.

Sat nam.


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