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Can I be your practice date?

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

How about an early morning practice with me this February 14th?

Though I know there are many things that you can be doing at 6am (PST), like sleeping, starting your lovely day aligning at the heart could be another great option. You can go back to sleep afterwards, or you can use the energy you will cultivate to start your day ready for all that is ahead.

Still not convinced? Let me romance you.

If you are struggling to get your practice off the ground, I want to remind you that you don't have to push through alone. Our practices make a difference in how we go where we go. Sink, fight or swim.

Here are three ways to create a consistent morning practice:

  1. Wake up, brush your teeth, wash your face and get on your mat right away.

  2. Even when you don't want to practice, remind yourself of how good you feel afterwards, and then jump in.

  3. Set a consistent practice date with a partner. (That's where I come in.)

Let me be your practice date. Let me be your guide closer to the compassion, for yourself and for others, that resides at your very own heart. For it is from within our hearts that our lives flow.

If we are aligned with love, then our hearts overflow with compassion. Yet, the same goes for a heart of hate and malice. We can do something about these fluctuations of the heart. It is through our practice that we are reminded that we are love. We are strong, and we are capable.

You might be wondering what our time together will look like.

If you've never done vinyasa or kundalini yoga, or you've never done them together, you will get a chance to experience them both in this hour long class. Combining these practices will allow you to warm up the body-mind with postures that flow one into the other with the breath to place our stake at the heart to till its soil.

That sounds violent, doesn't it? It's not. Don't worry. This practice is for everyone, and much of it can be done in a chair.

Join me for this formative, stabilizing practice and let this FREE 6am skipping stone create a ripple into the rest of your day. You will leave your mat feeling more you, more ready to feel the love right inside of you, and shine it out to the others in your life.

Can't make February 14th? That's OK. You've got options.

1. Sign up anyway and get the recording.


2. Sign up for the full 5 week Align at the Heart course.

(starting February 28- March 28th)

For at first we know only in part what this pilgrim's journey entails, but through a heart-aligned practice, one focused on clearing, cleansing and opening to more love, we feel our way to a deeper connection with the subtle nuances of our divinity. We are shown more keenly how to listen, hear the how, and put love into action. Let me show you.

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