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Covid and a Cat

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

I have decided to share my journey across the country and with Covid-19 these past two weeks because not only did Covid kick my rass, I learned some things that helped me. Whenever I go through something challenging, I feel a sense of duty to share how I came out the other side of the experience. What does this have to do with my cat, you might wonder. I'll explain.

I am not foreign to being sick. I have struggled with the ups and downs of a chronic disease for years, which is why having Covid after a treatment for leukemia is quite intense. My immune system already struggles to stay afloat. But this has shown me that the right things at the right time make all the difference, and there is no substitute for rest.

After preparing, planning and moving across the country back to the east coast, to say I was under stress would be an understatement. I was able to find the right practices to keep me going and get the job done. So from California to North Carolina, we drove after having finished a school year, Boston's graduation, cancer treatments, a retreat and selling mostly everything we owned. I am a fighter so I know how to keep my eyes on the goal: getting to my family on the other coast to be of support. But before I could support them, I did not know that I would need support.

I made announcements about my trip, on the Fit by Wix app and shared some reflections there. I hope you were able to join me on the journey and be apart of my travels as they were happening. Here are the announcement titles and highlights:

Memories and Walls: Before I left, I spent time touching the walls and thanking them, thanking God and the land that I have been blessed to live on. What a gift that I do not take for granted. Tomorrow we hop on the road to Vegas.

Yoga in Vegas?: What are we uniting with is the question. Maybe LOVE? The Beatles have a show right now called Love. It's a Cirque De Soleil show and though we didn't see it, seeing the billboard reminds me that we have a choice, even in Vegas: to play like

everyone else or take the path to and with love. Even in Vegas where the players come to play and the drinks look like vases, there is love.

Driving 8 hours a day with an hour break sounds like work!: I am learning many things along this path Boss and I have decided to travel. Here are a few of the lessons. 1. This land is beautiful and to be honored as are the indigenous peoples of this land. 2. There is something precious and unique in everything, everywhere! From rock formations and the history each place holds. There is a lot to explore in the United States, and the world is grand. 3. When in the middle of a journey, it's best to relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the ride. It's like a long kundalini kriya: if you get too wrapped up in how long it's been, you'll forget to breath and take it all in. You can go inside the movement and realize nothing lasts forever, not the pain or the fun. 4. Try to keep some consistency. My physical practice has not been full, but I am moving and stretching as I can. I am praying a lot, listening to the Untethered Soul again on Audible, and writing in my journal. All of which has been extremely helpful as we journey. 5. Be present. What we learn from our presence is profound, but we can not learn it without attention to what is.

Wind Turbines: Balanced Practice:

I finally got in a full practice this morning. Yay! I've been missing it since we've been moving so quickly, but this morning, we stayed a little longer at the hotel, and the gym was open and empty. Perfect. I've been practicing a kriya leading up to this trip called Surya Kriya. It's also the kriya we will use for our upcoming 40 day challenge. I'll teach you this kriya, and for 40 days we will do it together using the 40 Day Challenge Group to communicate and encourage each other. I think you'll love it. We start July 25th. So we'll have plenty of time to talk about it more.

The Sun Rises on Our Blue Dot: Sometime we feel trapped in our circumstances. Poor "love caged" Sasha would say so. But no doubt, her time in the crate will be short lived, as will ours. Our time as a blue dot, in the cage of the car, body or any other trapping/ verdict we find ourselves under will be temporary. Truly, whatever happens from here, we will have choices to make that will impact our children's children's moments.

If you throw a stone in the water, there will be an impact: Our move across the country is no small stone; it will definitely effect the water. I pray that as I spend time dreaming all that I'd like this move to amount to, creating scenarios and giving them color and life as I teach others to do in the Dream Sessions that the water will be impacted in big and beautiful ways.

So after Boss and I made it to South Carolina, to my dad's house, I collapsed. I don't think I've ever hit a bed so hard. I did not get up for days. I slept through my 43rd birthday (haha) still 43 somehow though. This is where Sasha came in. She showed me that it was OK to be still. I did not have to do anything. I could curl myself up in a ball in blankets or rip them off in fever and lay right there. My son and I had made it safely, and my family and closest friends went into action to support us, like clockwork.

Here are some things that helped me make it through this horrible sickness,

(besides my lovely son, family and friends). I don't care what anyone says, this is not just a cold. I'll list those things that helped me. If you have any questions about how I used these things, leave them below.

  1. Neck Rolls

  2. Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclined Bound Angle)

  3. Viparita Karani (Legs up the Wall)

  4. Sufi Grinds

  5. Tepid Baths

  6. Doterra Onguard, Peppermint, Lavender and Breathe oils

  7. Lots of Water with Lemon

  8. Allowing Natural Fasts

  9. Oranges

  10. Excedrin migraine

  11. Nasal Spray

  12. Sunbathing

  13. Cold Outdoor Showers

  14. Soup/ Broth (Miso and Bone)

  15. Singing and Prayer

  16. Pfizer Antivirals

  17. Tapping the body

  18. Sleep, lots of sleep

Have you had Covid? Is there something you might add to this list that supported you?

We have made it to my dad's, and in a couple weeks, we will move into our new home. There is a really cool yoga room I look forward to showing you soon!!

Till then, may you be healthy, may you be happy, and may you be free.


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