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Exorcise Vampire Energy Before It Acts

Updated: Aug 3

Take out the garlic and the cross. Zipper up. Put up a reflective mirror. All of these are ways you may have heard of or used to protect yourself from energy vampires. Some of these techniques work in the movies. Some of them work in real life. It is all about the meaning that each act holds for us and the power that we access and utilize. It is all about what we think we are "putting to bed," or crucifying, and the power we feel we have in word and deed to do so, or not.

As I have studied my root chakra to heal it this season, I have found my need to feel safe. I have found how I have spent too much time looking out for protection, looking to others to come to my aid. I am reminded on this journey to know myself with more care, I am reminded to take the time to see and know who I am in the spirit world: a powerhouse. I am protected with and by more than I can see. I am stronger than I ever thought possible. What can take down Goliath but a small boy

with a small stone? A boy who clearly knew who he was and the value of a small stone did what a whole army could not (The Bible, Samuel 17). And so can you!

There are times when we feel we do not have the power to protect ourselves, to heal ourselves, to show up as we have been called. We doubt our power. We are wrapped up in another's energy or cultural mores that weaken our resolve. Life can beat our joyful, powerful spirit down. This among other reasons is why we wear/ wore masks (literal and figuratively) and created 6 feet of distance between us during this most recent pandemic. We do what we feel we need to do and we create masks as mechanisms of protection because at varying intervals we have found things to be unsafe for us to be our whole selves.

It is in these times that we lose sight of ourselves as powerful creators, wielding the word of change and restoration. That does not mean we are not. On the contrary, who we are can not be extinguished. We are eternal. But being able to tap into our power and use it, can feel unattainable until we know or are reminded who/what we really are.

We are creating things everyday in this power whether we know it or not, and nothing changes that. With a word, the energy we do not want can be caste out, or brought in. This is why the power is often accredited to our tongues. Many scriptures from many different cultures and throughout history prove this to be true. The power to kill or to uplift is in the tongue. So no doubt we can exorcise a fictious vampire or a real one.

No matter what you think about energy vampires, there are all kinds of energy we can say we'd rather not fraternize with. Calling out a demon requires us to identify it. To transmute any energy, we must give it a name. So, today I'd like to flip the term energy vampire and speak about "vampire energy," flipping the name so that vampire is the adjective instead of the noun.

There are a couple types of vampire energies that I know of and would like to expose here. I am not an expert, but I do have some experience with this type of energy. I have in the past mistakenly thought this was flesh and blood, that people were the problem, but I know now that this is energy that comes out of us all. Let's consider today how this happens and maybe see more clearly how to deal with it.

Summer Energy and Mosquitos

Summers can be tough for me. I love them, but when the mosquitos come out and begin to bite me, my skin has a vicious reaction. The once small bite becomes a sore, which becomes an open wound that takes weeks to heal. It leaves me with scars. I have tried many things to support myself. Sprays and rubs that do not seem to work on my body. The mosquitos will bite through the solvent and even chomp at my face where there is less protection. Specifically, they will go for my nose. What can I do?

What an ego trip it has been to deal with bites on my nose that sometimes rep as a constellation. The mosquitos will stop at nothing, so I must examine the power that I have available to me, right on the tip of my nose.

My body's reaction to mosquito bites used to mean that I had to be careful where I went and how I interacted within my environment so that I would not get eaten. This is true to a degree. Yes, without certain precautions, I will leave my body to be ravaged by their need to feast. But my mind and what I know about me is still my biggest challenge, even though this is physical. I can change where I am, but I can not change nature, no matter how hard I try. I can change my internal environment with a well-intended word and do my best to cover myself in the powerful protective anointing from the Holy Spirit. I may still be bitten, but I will know now through experience where my power comes from and how to use it. This is the wisdom and power at the tip of all of our noses.

It is the same with vampire energy. Once it has spotted you, unaware of your power, it takes advantage of its need to feast. This is the nature of mosquitos and vampire energy: it may come in the form of a bug or person, but their reason for being will show us to our capability. So I must ask myself, what is the lesson that I am seeing outside of me, in most cases on the tip of my nose, and how can it help me to see and use more of my power?

Getting to Know the Flags You See

I'd like to use some terms that may be new to you to express this vampirism. You may or may not find these exact terms in other places, but you will definitely understand the energy. There are three vampire energies that I want to bring to light. These energies are the flags that show us others within ourselves and our projections.

Do you recognize any of these energies in your life?

1. The Drain

Let's consider what a drain does. The dish drain, for example, is designed to remove whatever is in the sink, to move it down and out. The drain is like this; it wants to suck the life force out of you, and that is exactly what it will do, if you allow it. When you become drowsy after dealing with this energy, or your mind is scrambled like it just went through the garbage disposal, when there is never enough attention or focus on it, when nothing else can have you, and you feel trapped, this is the drain making its move. It will drain you of your resources if you are willing. This includes your space, time, money and/or care. And, it will only give, expecting a return. Have you seen this energy?

2. The Critic

Critic vampirism is always looking for a way to make what someone else does wrong. It looks for opportunities to make an idea unworthy or a space or face less beautiful than it is. If the critic can make what you do, say or are "ugly," you will feel less. You may even feel undue shame or guilt as a result, allowing it to feel greater. Remember this energy feeds. The critic's insecurity becomes your problem, so you feel less vital, if you are not careful. Unless you are doing what it wants you to do, or giving it the attention it wants, it will manipulate you, in an attempt to control how you feel about yourself and them. Have you seen this energy?

3. The Dark Hole

The vampire energy that presents itself as a dark hole is emotionally unable to express itself. It will attempt to take you into depression so you will feel badly about not doing more to help them or yourself. You will never reach the light with this energy. It will parade as a victim that can not be helped. It will not share what is really going on because it has been patterned to keep things quiet under wraps, neatly packaged and held together, so you will wonder how you got here and look at yourself, not them. It will give you a morsel and expect that you will fill in the rest with your own stories. Or, it will take over a conversation with all the things that are going wrong, repeating itself in anxious circles until it explodes, working its energy up and out finally to be seen and felt. Oh, and it will be felt. All kinds of things get stuck in the Dark Hole including reality. Have you seen this energy?

Don't point any fingers, now. Don't look around. Look within. Look at the tip of your own nose, and I will look at the tip of mine. When dealing with vampire energy, there are some things that we can do before it has its way with us or through us. We must first recognize it as the energy that is being presented. One of the most powerful tools that you have is your voice. Call it out, not the person, though you may have to say this to the person. Be careful not to make this about them, but rather the behavior.

This energy will be first about you and your knowing about vibration and the light that you are and offer. It will be about your knowing that you can help yourself with the power of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Breath of Life. Nothing you do will have any avail unless it is chased by inner-standing. And doing nothing will leave you with the same patterns to view over and over again. When will it end? It won't unless you start by acknowledging its presence. Denial keeps us simple and inept. Denial not only omits the vampire energy but also your power to do anything about it.

We can change what we give and we will change what we see.

Our emotions can push and pull us, causing us to feel all kinds of ways. But we do not have to ride the rollercoaster if we do not want to. We are not victims here. We are capable of seeing where we are meeting energy that we do not want to entertain in others and within ourselves. With some awareness, we can see who others are and who we are as a result of the relationships we keep. When we see who we are by ourselves and in other's presence, if we don't like what we see, we can make changes. We can call on our Creator to send reinforcements, new salve, a fresh anointing. And then we can use what we have been given.

What is an anointing?

I recently read a book about Mary Magdalene. She was one of Christ's disciples who for many reasons was not given appropriate place in the cannon of biblical texts. She was ostracized and called a prostitute though this is not proven. She is also said to have had many demons. Though the word demon may scare us, the truth is that vampire energy, which we all carry at times, is a demon. And not all demons are bad.

More importantly, Mary is said to have known the power of anointing. She anointed Yeshua for burial and prepared to anoint his body after his supposed death. An anointing can happen with oil, as she used. But it can also be through water, touching, fire and breath. It is a power that we can all receive from the Creator when we ask and believe. When the power of the Holy Spirit comes on you, you will have no choice but to act within your gifts and step mightily into your power. No matter what practice I offer you below, the power will come to you and through you. Ask for a fresh anointing and then bless yourself in this profound spiritual, protective and cleansing work.

Cut the Cords

I have cut many cords over the last couple years. The pandemic energy helped me to see that there are real friends, and there are people who parade to be them. One day people love you, and the next they hate you. When you feel like you are on a never ending rollercoaster ride within a relationship, you must cut the cord this energy has created between each party in the relationship. The easiest way to do this is to imagine the person in your mind's eye or if this person is close to you, feel where this relationship sits within your body. Over this space in your body, move your hands up and down like windshield wipers or daggers, saying the word "cut." You may be carrying this energy in multiple parts of the body. Move your hands there back and forth like cleavers and say "cut." Feel the energy move. Breathe deeply as you move your hands. Do this until you feel lighter. Be sure to follow this with love. You might say something like: "All of these spaces are filled with love. Love comes to me and through me. I am grateful for It's presence." End with a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Lay Hands on or Above the Body

Have you ever heard of Reiki or Healing Touch? These two practices have been offered to people around the world to address the energy of the body, and you can do this for yourself too! You won't be able to call it Reiki or Healing Touch, but no doubt, laying hands on the body or even above it with proper intention to heal and a knowing, brings this power to and through you. When you have a stomach ache or a headache, what do you typically do, even before medicine? You rub the area that hurts. Why do we do this? If even a little bit, it provides us comfort. Our hands are full of powerful nerve endings. They are like antennas that transmit healing energy, when we intend and know the power we possess. Lay your hands on your body with an intention to heal yourself, to drop off any energy you may be holding and replace it with love, as above.

Eat Lighter Meals to Lighten Your Load

I do not recommend water fasts for everyone. Some bodies should not go to this extreme, but many bodies can and should. If you can't fast either intermittently or longer, eat smaller, lighter whole-food meals to cleanse your body and its energy. Have you heard that the gut is the second brain? When your digestion has less to deal with, your mind is freer too. You are less distracted by what to eat physically and more in tune with what to eat spiritually. The longer you do this, the less lack you will feel. You will stop looking outside of yourself for fulfillment. You will feel more full of that which really supports. When we fall into this groove, we spend less time craving the power of other's "blood," draining, critiquing or depressing situations because we recognize our inner fill.

Give Yourself What You Want From Others

I love massages. But it wasn't until recently that I realized how great a self massage can be. With a good oil, ambience, and a little uninterrupted time, a self massage can give the body all that it wants and needs. We can anoint ourselves with oil and touch parts of the body that are screaming for attention. Start at your feet and work your way up the body. What we want from others leaves us grasping, feeling like we need someone else to do what we can in many cases do for ourselves. This can result in vampire energy and obsessive behavior. But it doesn't have to. Give what you want, physically and emotionally, to yourself. Don't get me wrong: I still like a massage where I can be passive, but in the meantime, I can love up on myself.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

I love to tap on the body. I usually find myself tapping my karate chop point on the steering wheel of the car. This practice works no matter where you are though. There are other points that you can tap as you reprogram your subconscious brain while focusing on the concern, until the energy shifts, and you find yourself with ease and sometimes potential solutions.

Tapping also known as EFT, allows us to let go to create space, and if we choose, let the Most High do It's work. Try this video to support you and get a taste of EFT to clear energy of instability and find balance.

Commit to Your Life

So often we don't want to adult. We want to rely on someone else to take care of us like a good mother or father does for their children. Children are all-in because they don't know what they are all in. They can still find the wonder in each moment, for the most part. So can we, even as we know that life is full of ups and downs.

Committing to your life means that no matter the ups and downs, you know you belong here. You have a purpose, or dharma, here. You find the enjoyment in being here in the body to fulfill it. You aren't waiting for anyone to affirm you or tell you that you belong. You tell yourself it is so, and in each of your actions, you commit to making the most of what you have and who you are.

When we are committed to our own lives, we don't need to drain, criticize or darken anything or anyone to feel supported. We are OK with ourselves and when we aren't OK, we listen deeply to know what to do to support ourselves.

Vampire energy is not about people, and their flesh and blood, but rather the principalities and energies in high and low places. It is about fighting in spirit and with love and truth. The Holy Spirit can fill us up when we are depleted and we should ask and look for that. The energy inside of us is no one else's work, but our own to address. This is not another human being's work, though what is provided may come from another-- it will be always, what we allow the Spirit to do.

We do not need to expect another to save us nor do we need to manipulate others into doing what we want or need. We can do a great many things for ourselves when we step into our power when we call out the demon using our powerful voice, our hands, our intent to heal that which is seen in others and ourselves.

Use your power this Leo Season! Be courageous and stand in your innate strength. It is right on the tip of your nose.

In love,


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