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Updated: Feb 13

Today is the day. We only have now and so it makes sense for me to be sharing what is happening for me right now today. I am excited to tell you all about the journey that has brought me to here, but I realized that I have already been doing that on the GoFundme that my friend Ginger set up for me. So I'd like to share some of those updates with you here and fill you in on all the greatness that my practices have brought me. It has not all been great, but without my practices, I am not sure where I would be.

I am seeking a cure to CLL. There are a lot of new things that I have tried since November and I have been far into different realms, deep into visions and over-standing the breath. I have met new beings, angels and helpers. I have explored more modalities for health and wellness, some which have stuck and some that I have had to let go of to pick up more pressing and impactful alternatives. These updates go into some of that. In the coming months, I will be sure to go into more. Let's start in December.

GoFundme Update from December 31st

I’ve been meaning to update you, since the last time we spoke a lot has happened. To start at the beginning, when I went off the chemo drugs, I began a new protocol one that was advised of by several natural paths and an integrative oncologist. I felt strong. However, then I got a virus and I could not stop coughing. This was also during a detox in which I was using a light day of fruit and some vegetables, but mostly fruit and clay to move toxins out of the body. Needless to say, I lost a lot of weight and became very weak.

I did not know at the same time that the CLL was raging in my body. It became hard to breathe, a normal side effect of not having enough red blood cells as the leukemia impacts the bone marrow and red blood cell growth. I ended up having to go to the emergency room unable to breathe one Monday evening. I was admitted to the hospital for a week. Given blood transfusions and many other drugs to stabilize my condition.

During all of this I found myself wondering about the cure, crying about the fact that I would need to find a new treatment, or chemotherapy drugs. So here we are. I am now at home recovering, getting stronger every day. My oncologist says that one of the side effects of having such high white blood cell count is an impact on my eyesight. It is hard for me to see fine print right now, therefore the delay in this update. However Siri is working good! And so is God!

Thank you for all of your support, being in the hospital without insurance will definitely put your funds to use. I am not done looking for a cure. As a matter of fact, I will be going to do a therapy called EE systems you can find out more about that here. I'll let you know how it goes. Thank you so much for your kindness! Please continue to share my story so that as I continue on this journey, may I find prayers and continued support.

Gofundme Update from January 25th

A couple weeks ago I went and explored EE systems. If you read my last update, it is a part of the treatments that I am exploring to find a cure for CLL. Since it matters to me that you know that your support is not being offered in vain, let me tell you a little bit about how I experienced this.

Let me start by saying I only have good things to say about it so far. And I can only speak about the facility that I went to as each facility is run by different groups. This one was run by a church and in a space in the back of someone’s house, as a temporary space. It had eight monitors hung high throughout the small dark room. There were recliner chairs, ear plugs and eyes masks offered at the desk where participants were to check in.

When I got settled in my chair with my pillow and blanket, I spent time looking at the machines and trying to experience the vibration. Eventually I closed my eyes and felt relaxed. This relaxation then turned to a weighted feeling and then a light feeling until I felt so cozy in my body. I found myself rubbing my feet together and hugging myself. I took the opportunity to move some energy through my body using a technique like Reiki and praying.

When my friends and I left after a two hour session which felt like maybe one hour, we were teaming with energy though we were tired and they had been driving all day. We tried to speak about the experience as best we could, but words were not really enough. We could feel each other almost like a wave that moves through the body on to the shore to foam and return to its sender.

We were instructed to stay hydrated and take an Epson salt bath at home. I had clay from a recent treatment options so I took a clay bath. I felt great, strong in my body, as a result of the treatment. The next day I took myself to the gym in our facility and rode the stationary bike for a couple miles. Keep in mind, I had not worked out since being sick for the month, so this was big for me. The friends I was with had similar experience.

I’ve been told that in order for this treatment to work one should go at least 20 consecutive times. I do think that our vibration changes through our interactions, and it is sound to go repeatedly and as soon again as one can. If I were able to drive, my eyes are still blurry, I would’ve been back several times again by now, but for now, I am at the behest of my son, dad and friends to drive me where I need to go. Go to to see if there is a location near you. This is not just for cancer patients but rather those looking to use frequency to heal the body..

As I write this, I await a call from an optometrist who I hope can give me further understanding as to why I can not see clearly still, even through my white blood cells/lymphocytes, which I was told were the culprit, have deceased with the use of another target therapy and my continued work for the cure.

This weekend I will go on a Shaman journey. I am setting my intentions and praying for answers to many questions, including where I can look for the cure to my body’s need. What do you think about psychedelics as a healing treatment?

Watch this:

and learn how we might be able to use these medicines to cure us of social issues like homophobia and racism, and disease.

Please continue to share my story, donate if you feel compelled and pray for me as I seek what is seeking me. Thank you in advance!

What's happening now?

Here is a partial gratitude list for all that is happening now. I am learning that it does not make sense to reflect on the past without considering what is great now. Though the journey to here and now has had lots of twists, even since December, I am still making my way in the world, in my body, still blossoming into the cure for CLL and making the most of my life.

  1. I have learned how to see more clearly inside as my physical eyes have been impaired. My dreams and truth has been more vivid.

  2. I have learned to take the train to my appointments and enjoy all I am getting to see in Charlotte.

  3. The Most High has shown me that I am held with care, that I am precious.

  4. My body is a temple, and I am learning to be obedient to the Spirit with regard to it.

  5. Life dances with us. We can stop her or we can move our feet along with the music.

Three were moments during this most critical time that I felt shook, but my practices had accumulated a spirit bank, I'd like to call it. Even though I was not able to physically practice on the mat, I was practicing what I had always practiced because my body-mind-heart has done it repeatedly for years. I am grateful I have a relationship with Spirit, love reserves, family, and friends. They have made all the difference. Our health journeys can be lonely and so much harder without positive relationships .

If you feel compelled to be a part of this journey financially, here is the GoFUndme:

Otherwise, please join me in prayers for courage, peace and continued eye health. I have seen an optometrist and retina specialists and still contend with a blur and floaters. Last week, I got to see a picture of the back of my eyeball. It was such a beautiful perspective on how impactful what we see clearly can be. Our physical eyes are wonderful, but there is sight beyond them and that is a special place to know how to access. It opens us to who we really are.

Thank you sincerely for using your eyes to read this. Leave a comment below if you know of a modality that might be helpful, and please excuse mine as I type this blog with the best eyeballs that I have at this time. I am so grateful for them.

Peace be unto you,


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