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I have a gift for you!

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

The Dream Sessions Membership Plan is a new 7 day membership that I am excited to offer. I believe that if we have a dream, we should not let it die. So I'd like to support you with that.

For a limited time, sign up to receive The Dream Sessions Membership Plan. It's full of practices to get you headed toward what you once saw, either in your sleeping dreams or in your daily waking dreams. Both types of dreams are of value.

There are many ways to dream.

Let's try it together. For the next seven days, I'm offering 10 Dream Sessions Membership Plans for FREE. YUP, Absolutely FREE. What do you get for free, you ask? Let me tell you.

  • The Dream Sessions Membership Plan is full of journal prompts, visualizations and meditations to get your thinking about your dreams again

  • The Dream Sessions Membership Plan is a week of free Courtney Rohan Yoga offerings: live classes, access to videos, blogs, recipes, and community

  • The Dream Sessions Membership Plan is an opportunity to taste before you commit

Act now. Class this week is Monday (6am PST), so if you're interested in jumping in for the week, sign up now to be a part of our live class on Zoom. Can't make the class? Well, you'll be a member and get access to a replay, certainly.

If you like Courtney Rohan Yoga Membership, stay after the week is over and join me for the full Dream Sessions Course or for our monthly membership for just $25. Yup, just $25 a month for offerings throughout the month or for the full Dream Sessions course. My treat.

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