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Now is the Perfect time to Regain your Focus

I have been spending a lot of time over the last month considering what I want to do next now that I am on the east coast. I have been open to the visions that emerge and following what I call breadcrumbs along the path. I have been using the Dream Sessions process and having a good time experiencing my becoming. However, what we think we see, feel, and understand often times tend to be different than what we come to know as the truth. So I have been watching and feeling, waiting to understand what is next.

Question: How often have you seen, felt or thought you understood that something was going to be horrible, and then it wasn't, or vis versa? "It's going to be great!" and then it falls on its ass. What we think we see, feel and understand tend to amount to little in the end. There are just so many paths and perspectives. Life is full of layers of understanding.

We are more than just a body. In yoga, we are a conglomeration of koshas, energetic layers, all nestled together as one. In many other traditions, we are body, mind and spirit. We are chakras, sen lines and nadis. We are organs, blood and bone. We are consciousness. How could we see, feel and understand all of this, let alone make full sense of everyone else's all of this? It is not possible.

Still, as spirit beings having a human experience, we do our best to try to see, feel and understand as best we can, so we make the best choices for ourselves. If we didn't, we would not make it very far. We would definitely not evolve.

Recently, while visiting with family, I took a hot yoga class at their gym. It was challenging, to say the least. I remember looking at my family after class and saying: You do this class? We had had an experience, and it is not what I thought it was going to be. Shoot, yoga is my home. I eat asana for breakfast. But more than all the sweat and challenging poses at rapid, advanced pace, the teacher offered us yoga axioms, or seven universal truths, in theory and then in action, which helped me to make sense of what I saw, felt and thought. It wasn't just one thing that made the class what it was. It was all things, which is what I think we often overlook when we think we know something.

Beginner's Mind Wins Again.

The teacher spoke about "being exactly where we are meant to be" and then showed us through the asana that this is true. The real experience for me was not just hearing the word, but doing it, having a full experience of it. Do I know the axioms now without a doubt? No. But do I have a better grasp on what they mean to me now after the challenge? Most certainly. My understanding of what I thought I saw, felt and understood was reset each time a new axiom was brought to my awareness and I moved through the experience to uncover just a little bit more understanding.

This is how our seeing, feeling and understanding work. It is through our continual refocusing on what matters. Being open to what this means as I see, feel and piece together a new life requires of me some patience and practice.

What about you? What visions are you working to see, feel and understand? What is it requiring?

I am renewing my focus on my PATIENCE and PRACTICE.

Patience is a virtue for a reason. It is not something that we just have. It is something that we work towards. A virtue is moral excellence, by definition, and thus something that must be practiced. I must practice my patience.

Here is what I am going to do to peel back the layers this season. I am exciting a 40 day challenge. This challenge will be using a kundalini kriya called Surya Kriya, named after the sun. It is a set for people of all levels from beginner to advanced. It is 7 parts, includes breathwork to begin, Sat Kriya, frogs and some other simple movement to get the pranic wind flowing and the kundalini moving. It ends in a silent, breath-focused, healing meditation. Of this kriya it is said, that when you have a lot of 'sun energy,' you also have bodily strength, good digestion, energy, enthusiasm and focus. Who doesn't want that? I know I do.

If you would like to join me for this experience, we begin this Monday, July 25th. Though I will be offering a live class on Mondays on Zoom 9am (EST), you can do the practice with the video that I will be sharing with the 40 day challenge group on the Fit by Wix app or join here through my website. To get the app, just download the Fit by Wix app on your phone using this link and invite code: Invite code: KW16LP. Just a couple steps will get you up and running and ready to begin our challenge on Monday. And that's pretty much all you will need. You don't need money or props. But, you will need some staying power.

40 days may sound like a long time. We will practice this kriya for over a month. Yes, this is a practice of patience. We must take the

time to see, feel and begin to understand and that will take some time. As we show up each day, we will no doubt see and feel some resistance, but that is why doing something like this together is helpful. Each day of this practice in patience, I will be there to encourage you as I encourage myself. We can encourage each other. Through the app, we can share experiences, quotes, pictures, videos and touch each universal truth together.

It is my honor to be your guide, if you accept the challenge. It is my honor to see, feel and share what little understanding I have with you. And most definitely it is my honor to watch with you as we rediscover our vision, and with the power of the sun energy, entice all that it requires with enthusiasm and renewed focus.

I hope to see you soon,


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