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Special Occasions ๐Ÿ’•

One of my favorite music artists, Emily King, just released a song by a similar title as this blog. I'm excited about it 'cause I can tell you about the song and segue into the topic of my writing. Two birds, one stone.

Her song is called "Special Occasion" without the -s. And that's just about the only complaint that I have with it. I listen to it everyday on repeat sometimes. (Yes, I am one of those repeat offenders when it comes to a new song that I feel in my spirit or that makes me move. My poor son :)

This song is in my spirit, not only because of the title, or King's ethereal voice, but the way the guitar strums and the way lyrical words play, both, remind me of how special life is.

"Ride 'till the day ends// High like we're wasted// Time// Special Occasion// Ride like we're raising// tides, never faded// Wine, yeah we raise it// high// Special Occasion...

We've only got life to live// It's only right"

YES!! I say to all of that, on replay!

I just celebrated beginning my 44th year of life. I call this a special occasion. If you have been following my story, you may know that I have seen reasons to celebrate. (We all have, right!) As a matter of fact, my birthday was on June 28th, and I am still celebrating.

Bathing Suits for Days

I've decided that to celebrate this occasion and my need to be near water, I would only wear bathing suits paired with some clothing, so I could go into stores, every once in a while-- ha. My intention each day is to make it to water no matter what and to stay as close to my birthday suit as possible.

So for the last five days, I've awoken to find the right suit and been sure to take lots of pics of my combinations to make the most of this sweet body I have been gifted. We are not just the body, but it does offer us an interesting vantage point and space to play.

What makes something special is relative. There are many reasons and ways for us to celebrate. When we notice something different emerge in our reality, a glitch, this is a special occasion. A random 5 inserted into the pattern of 1's and 0's, backslashes and periods, may create an error, but only so that we can see what is needed now. What is the proper combination of this and that that will allow us to show up in celebration of what is here now?

While celebrating my birthday, I have had a chance to see the patterns that I no longer want to be apart of. A good ol' naked solar return is a perfect special occasion to see more (pun intended). And along with seeing yourself, you see others more clearly too, if you take time to observe.

There is nothing like celebrating yourself and finding happiness to help you see how others truly feel. Sometimes our happiness prompts others to feel happy for us, or it prompts their own discomfort. Some special occasions show us special truths that we may not have been able to see before.

It is easier to see how people may feel like the wall in our way to celebration, but most people are just living out their moments, hoping for the special ones, too! And sometimes what we want is not what others want for us or themselves. This can feel sad, but it is a perfectly sweet time to practice staying present for the moment. It is not any less special because it is challenging, though we'd like to make it so.

This can also be a good occasion to create some boundaries and remind yourself that your special occasion is not always someone else's and that's OK. We can celebrate how we want, no matter what is going on around us, and we can tell them, "not now" or "not ever again," when we choose. We only have our life to live. "It's only right"!

We can not live someone else's life. But we can live ours and make the most of every occasion that comes, where even the slightest celebration may be in order.

I did that this birthday. I celebrated by the pool. I cooked food on the barbecue, and I went to a comedy show with someone that values me, wearing my bathing suits each day and finding water. I have been having a great time focusing on celebrating, even though I have plenty of other things to attend to. I will get to them soon.

Being present for Inspiration

There is an Abraham Hicks quote that I especially like about letting inspiration guide you to action. Instead of forcing yourself to do those things that ruin the occasion, take the time to create the special occasions. Don't wait for your birthday or a holiday. Create the occasion when inspiration strikes and go with the current downstream, I think Abraham Hicks would say.

Recently my son helped give my closest a pick-me-up. But first the see-through shoe boxes sat outside my closet for a couple days. It wasn't that I didn't want to use them. As a matter of fact, I was excited to use them, but I was not ready to commit the time. It did not feel in line with my celebratory behaviors. I was not inspired. So I left them there.

Until one morning, I felt it. Like a stream bubbling down with possibility. I heard myself say inside: "Let's see what these are all about". And then, the special occasion appeared. I turned on some music and had some fun placing my shoes into new boxes in my closet.

During a recent prayer of gratitude for all these special occasions that I keep being favored to enjoy, I found my tears falling. In that moment I was reminded of times when I tried to feel gratitude to my Creator, and it just didn't seem deep enough. I was so grateful to not be there, but rather deep and close this time. Can you relate: Have you ever had moments of not enough while you are trying to celebrate? You know you should be grateful, but you just can't find it within? I felt myself breaking the tricky pattern of "not enough." BIG for me!

In that moment, I realized that it is not about my being enough. It is about my Creator being ENOUGH for my consistent praise of all the special occasions, even the small glitches that remind us of what inspiration, momentum and curiosity feel like.

What might it feel like to make all of your life a special occasion?

Is this life you are living, currently, something that you remember having done before, like this? I don't need you to answer this rhetorical question. In any case, your life seems like a very special occasion! Waking up, placing your feet on the floor, breathing in deeply, feeling your heart beat, eating, digesting... Need I say more? All of this is miraculous!

If you can't feel this because you are not enjoying your life experience right now, that's OK. You can feel not feeling as a special occasion, too. Absence is a good teacher. Use this as a special time to pray and connect with the Divine. You might even be able to find a silver lining. Give your expectations a rest and let life emerge as she is. When I feel this way, because we all do at times, I find meditation to be extremely helpful. Guided meditations, meditations with mantra, or on a scripture can help you find a connection to how amazing a moment of peace can be.

When I am not sure where my mojo is, when I don't feel in the mood to celebrate or I am not able to access gratitude, I also try to ask the right questions of myself. Sometimes something as simple as: "Why are you here, Courtney?" is enough. When I answer this question, I am sure to be as honest with myself as possible. And no matter what I hear, I try not to judge myself. Instead, I reach for forgiveness and compassion as I peer into life's complexities of the answers. This helps me back to my heart.

Here are some questions that I will be using this season for joy's sake that I think will help us see the miraculous in the mundane and momentous occasions of life. You can journal to answer them or you can sit with one each week in meditation and see what emerges.

  1. What was the last thing that you did, saw or felt that surprised and/ delighted you? Take the first thing that comes to mind. Reflect on this special occasion. How does it make you feel now? Can you almost taste, smell, feel it again? Can you make the experience just as delightful now?

  2. How can you celebrate the Divine in yourself and others? List all the things that make you feel celebrated. What about celebrating someone else? Could you be of service (without expectation)? How? Write things that feel completely unattainable (but that make you smile or would make someone else smile) and write the things that you can do today. Stay curious about all the possibilities.

  3. Where is your happy place, where just being there is a special occasion? Spend time reflecting on the places that make you feel excited to be in the body. See each place in detail. Bring it into view so you can feel it: the sand beneath your feet or the water rippling around you, that special home, tree or trail...

  4. What patterns are you experiencing right now that you like? What are the patterns that you do not like? Take time to look at the glitches that feel good and the ones that don't. Sit with them both. Pray about them and caste your cares on the One who can meet all of your needs. Allow yourself to be inspired by the Spirit to make small changes where necessary.

When people ask you what you are doing, because you are smiling more as you focus on and allow the special occasions to emerge, tell them what you are offering yourself, tell them about how their question is a special occasion, a perfect opportunity to celebrate where you both are now, a place that is new and fresh and all yours.

May all the occasions before you be special.

BE-cause they are!


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