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Use the Image in the Water

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Life continues to show us a lot about ourselves as a people. We can see more of who we are when we go through challenges, and we remember more of what is offered us then in these moments, too. We see more and we remember! That's positive, but it does not make it easy.

There is so much to see around the world, to love or to dislike. We can cross the border to another country, literally, or through our social media outlets. We can see more than we've ever been able to see before and feel things more deeply and personally. This can be a good thing, when we seek the right sources to keep ourselves informed and responsive to life's thrills. Or, seeing more can create more reasons for us to be in turmoil.

When I feel upset, well, I don't use magic, I use my tears. Mostly, I cry. (My astrological sign is cancer, so I'm a water sign.) I've always been a crier. I find it helps to release the emotions that build up inside of me. Ask anyone who knows me, I cry when I am happy and when I am sad.

Just the other day, I had a good cry, a breakdown-kind-of-cry, feeling the changes taking place in my personal life. It was heavy. Some of my best friends came to the rescue, calling at just the right time to check in with me, and offering to come to hold me. At the end of this most tumultuous day, my son had to take my phone from me, turn it off, and usher me to my bed. It was bad. And my tears, though I was worn out afterwards, were quite helpful.

Maybe you have felt like that recently? How have you been dealing with your water? How are you balancing your water element for optimal use?

Some of us dam up our water and some of us let it flow, or both from time to time, and balance is key. Water can very easily be contaminated and take on what others put out into it, easily. Our intuitive watery nature can easily turn to paranoia.

Learn to use the image in the water. Here are some ideas:

1. Make a choice about what you take in. Turn off your electronics, sometimes. Allow yourself a limited amount of time online or digging into the news. Choose who you expose yourself to and what you take in, wisely.

2. Spend time testing the water in your body. Consider your circulation, your pulse, or your saliva as health anchors. If you can have a blood test, or take your blood pressure, do so. These tests are simple and give pertinent information. As well, your saliva can tell you a lot about our health-- too much saliva, not enough, bitter or clumpy-- all of which are telling you something about your water.

3. Scan your body from head to toes, front and back, side to side. Try not to judge, just feel. Ask your body questions, like "what do you need now?" and listen or see its subtle, but real forward or backward motion response. If you know how to muscle test or use a pendulum, these are great strategies to access your water's tides from moment to moment or day to day as well.

4. Journal to write out your feelings, or join the "Dream Sessions Membership" Plan for some journal prompts, meditations, and a week of Courtney Rohan Yoga to access more of your vision more clearly. Use the image in the waters of your mind that light you up; fill in more of the dreams you may have forgotten to see.

5. Physical activity is good. No, it's great. Sweating is a wonderful way to express your water and let it flow. And when you sweat, be sure to drink more water to replenish yourself afterwards.

Like I said, seeing more in the water can be as challenging as it is beautiful. Water is receptive, so boundaries and releasing toxins are important tasks. Testing our water and paying attention to its levels and responses is very telling. Water flows down hill and so should we, with the stream of our lives, using the images in the water to address what is revealed.

Happy New Moon and Month of March!


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