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When we open our hearts, there is more!

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

It is so easy to get caught up in what we see being the truth. But what we see is not always true. There are many forces at work: our feelings, our minds, the others in our lives and their thoughts and programing. And, certainly, that only speaks to a small portion of all that is. There are things that are happening that we are not able to see because of proximity. There are things that we are not able to see because we are not capable of holding the truth of that thing: our minds are just not open to it yet.

This can be confusing because what we see can be so profound. What we hear and the voices that speak can be so loud. Our senses can be overwhelmed to such a degree that we overlook that which whispers inside. We focus into what appears to be true given our past experience. It's true: if we are too busy in our outer world, we will miss the inner callings.

What can we do about this? I suggest tuning into the heart. You might say, this is where emotion lays. And I would say it is where love lay. And love is not an emotion but an action that comes from a deeper place than our emotions.

Let's consider the heart center, which has different attributes than any other center. This midway point, this space between the downward and upward moving energies is where the divine commingles and meets her masculine counterpart. A fabulous design where you meet yourself in relationship!

The feelings that we are able to receive and give when we open our hearts is deeper than what we can see. It must be felt. This subtle, yet profound feeling opens doors to chambers of the natural and metaphysical heart where the truth lives about how precious you are.

"How do you open you heart?" You may ask. Good question.

Vulnerability is the answer.

When we can share without having to wear our defenses, waiting for the worst or having no exceptions for the goodness which is you and is yours, we allow energy to move in and out of the heart center. If the heart has been hardened by the past, this is not an easy thing. It is hard to see or feel beyond a hall, especially those that are years old and solid rock.

The heart center (chakra) is of the space where the physical heart resides, but is made up of more, of spirit, and color, and feeling....

The Anahata chakra is the space of compassion, a place where we can rest and feel safe and bask in the grace of the God's love. It is a place where we offer love in relationship. When it is healthy, it is prosperous and light. If our hearts are offline, then the movement up the sushumna, the central channel that runs the length of the spinal column, is strangled. In the darkness, your prosperity may be shut off, your light too dim to be seen.

Though this strangling can happen at any chakra, shutting ourselves off to love (giving and receiving) happens here at the heart. And, it is a challenge to speak love into being (throat chakra) or to be guided intuitively in love (third-eye chakra) if we don't first address the heart and its trappings. Come to your heart to feel what resides there to be integrated, and what is there to shine out into the world. Let your cup run over.

There is so much that we can not see with our physical sense. But there is a sense that is subtle and grand. Bigger than our physical world is the subtle, the energetic, bliss body. When we open our hearts and get vulnerable within our heart space by offering ourselves and others compassion, there is more. The path into your heart can be a difficult one. It will require you to forgive, and love deeper all that you are. But it will no doubt be worth it.

Join me for a class or consultation soon. Let's talk more about your precious heart, and things.

Let's Align at the Heart this February, 14th, 6-7am PST.

Join me for a free Zoom class to taste and feel what it means to Align at the Heart using Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga.

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